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IDEAL AUTO DISPENSER is the finest hot water system available, turning your appliance into a complete refreshment center. For piping hot coffee, tea, soups, and other delicious beverages, nothing beats IDEAL, the exciting updated hot water system from BioWerks. If you're picky about the temperature of your hot water - and luke warm systems just don't cut it - then IDEAL is made for you.

  • IDEAL is constructed of a high-temperature resistant copper parts and stainless steel tank.
  • A specialized, high-sensitivity thermostat inside our water system provides super accurate temperature readings. Other systems in the market causes "hysteresis" and related problems ... IDEAL is designed to reduce hysteresis and provides the highest quality hot water system on the market.
  • Greater hot water capacity is another advantage of IDEAL, nearly twice as much hot water than other systems.
  • Optional Cold water is available too.

When you add up the performance differences and consider the benefits, there's just no comparison to IDEAL. We have various models to suit your needs and budget. Following tables shows the models, dimensions and specification.

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AzuraFire is interested in working with reliable distributors to distribute its IDEAL Auto Dispenser system across Singapore and around the world. Contact Us

Products & Parts

5 Micron Carbon Activated Filter Small

Ball Float

EGO Thermostat

Cooler Box

Float Switch Steel

Fruit Juice Machine

Solenoid Uni-D

Hot Water Urn

SS and Plastic Float

Heating Element

Tomlinson Red Tap

Tomlinson Black Tap

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